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How to Keep Baby Names based on Numerology and Astrology in Tamil.

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Namakaranam is basically a naming ceremony, performed within a few weeks of the baby's birth. Namkaranam is one of the most important ceremony or rituals in Tamil culture. The mother and father start the ritual with pranayamam, prayers and chanting manthiram in presence of the family priest and family members.

Tamil baby names starting letter based on date of birth and nakshatra

Rice grains are spread on a plate and the father writes the chosen name while chanting the mantra. Then he whispers the name into the child's right ear, followed by the blessings of the elders and ends with a feast with family and friends. Birth star at the time of birth is called janma nadchathiram, also known as nama nakshatram. Naming a child based on both Tamil astrology and numerology is very common nowadays. Tamilsonline also recommend you to check the numerological predictions.

Natal chart of an adult and new born baby are calculated in the same way, however jathagam of a new born baby is generated to find the nakshatra and rasi of a baby for naming purpose. How to find first letter of name by date of birth? In order to find the first letter of baby names in Tamil , submit the birth details of a new born baby boy or girl; and find out the name starting letter based on date of birth , or nama aksharam relevant to the nama nakshatra based on Tamil baby naming astrology.

Tamilsonline provides free jathagam of a new born baby based on date of birth and time. Free baby astrology chart includes Tamil astrology signs of your new born baby. Although Tamil astrology recommends the first character of a new born baby, numerology provides the meaning of new born baby name. Get your numerology predictions based on name and date of birth, online. They are transmitted in encrypted form and stored in our server during the entire session of your visit.

You have not given your email id. Therefore, I have replied on your query page. May 30, no 28 by: arakaar Surprisingly Bill Gates was born on 28th How come he is so wealthy and successful??? You are not properly informed about the name numerology of Bill Gates. The 2 in 65 kindled his imagination to become a genius. And see his birth chart. Most of the planets refer to his houses 2 income 4 estates 6 income from clients 10 name, fame, and honor , and 11 success in achievements. One has to see the other aspects of birth chart, horary astrology chart, and energy modifications for the name.

Then only you can get a lucky name. Rid means get rid of. This is bad phonology which prevents success. May MY Name is SIDDHARTH PANDOH and my birth date is ,which means 6 and 5 combination but i am suffering from bad luck right from the childhood even my birth date numbers are excellent because i have observed this combination in top most billionaires and most successful persons and i want to assure from you that if you give me lucky name can i shine at top of the world. IS Lucky name start begins to work for whole life if we practice it several times as per guidelines?

Reply To Siddarth Pandoh from Kannan M Numerologist I think you have already taken name correction with its logic and I hope now you are leading a lucky life. If you have any further questions you can write to my personal email id which you know already. Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. Simply click here to return to Name Numerology For No.

Please share your contact details. Thank you. My DOB is 10th Nov I want to know that there are any need to change in my name's spellings for the best personal and professional life. Please help me. I need your services to know my name lucky spelling. Regards, Digbijay Das.

Jul 30, Rating Hi by: Ishita saha My name is ishita saha. My DOB is 19 september I wanted to know my success in carrer lane. And any other information you can give. Jul 25, Rating Should I change the spelling of my name for better luck by: Abhishek d raghunath My name is Abhishek D Raghunath my date of birth is 12 03 should I change the spelling of my name. Many thanks My email is - amald gmail. Jul 10, Rating i don't know my dob NEW by: Anonymous hello sir i need your help for correct my name's spellings but i don't know my date of birth so sir please guide me thank you sir.

Jul 03, Rating V. IN phone: Time Place of birth Mulund Mumbai please advise the best name as per numerology the name Hanshit or Henshit. DOB - Mail me in - Raghus24v gmail. Pls confirm me is this is the right name for her? My mail id: shivajyothi gmail. N her name is Haashika. May 18, Rating Plz correct my name by: Karunamoyee das Sir I am trying to get a job but m unsuccessful and also unmarried So plz help me by correcting my name. Kindly let me know if it has anything to do with the spelling.

Baby names as per numerology and birthstar based on date of birth – Indian hindu baby

Also if name needs to be changed please let me know how can it be applied as it may not be possible to change my official documents. Email - arunherb gmail. It is not his name which made him so successful. Bill gates was a gemini ascendant and for gemini ascendant planet venus, number 6 is most benefic very Lucky for gemini ascendant.

It was in at age of 31 years that bill gates became the world youngest world billionaire. Indeed this venus proved very lucky for bill gates. Numerology, birthdate, lifenumber, daynumber, name number is all false. Apr 22, Rating Numerology is false. NEW by: kamal kannan m says number 5 is the best name you can have. Even if mercury, number 5 is exalted lord of 11 and 2 house for leo ascendant it is malefic for leo ascendant.

I likely to change the spelling of my name. Kindly advise on this. Many thanks. My email is cdsanghavi gmail. Mail me in - shweta.

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Apr 08, Rating Hi by: Aparna Hi.. My son name is Vihaan chandra.. Date of birth Please tell me.. My email id: appu. Thank u. I was born on I am psychic no 5 and destiny no 5. I have mercury exalted at 11 degree. I should have been very lucky. But no i am very unlucky in all ways. People who made my life miserable are living happily and i don't like this. I have nothing, no power for extracting vengeance from these people, i am foolish without intelligence, my health is very bad in all ways, i do not have great wealth.

I have been forced to submit myself to bad destiny. So i wore emerald thinking it will do very good for me, maybe punishing those people for bad things they did and activated it with mantra "om budhayah namaha" and just after wearing it my life deteriorated more than hell. So All this horary astrology, kundli, name numerology, nakshatra, first name alphabet is all false. Jan 04, Rating Correction my name by: Ramesh Ramesh my name dtob: My nephew is born on 23 April suggest a name for him.

Numerology Calculator - Calculate Your Birthday And Name Numerology

His title is maddesiya. Kindly send me alphabete's number My email is ssguptalnt gmail. Kindly send me alphabete's number Thanking you in anticipation. Mar 30, Rating dob- NEW by: sushmitha sir, please suggest me some lucky name which can change my life I am struggling. I do know the correct birth date. Birth place- Deoria U. P I am facing many many problem in my life eg. R Hello sir my self Harsha MR born 26 april , i wanted to correct my name please advise suitable name or help me in correction with present name Please mail me the Details to below id Harsha.

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Please suggest any spelling mistake in my name. Jun 15, Rating Can you help me change the name NEW by: Archana Hi , I am archana and was born on 4th june 78, I would like an advice for correct spelling name suggestion for better life. I am suffering from bad luck from a long time. What name correction should i do to change is. Plz help. Jun 05, Rating hi sir my name is m. Jun 03, Rating name selection NEW by: usha. Harini alias Harshini Natchiyaar born on Which one suits her the most. I bow my head for your knowledge. Thank you so much. May 25, Rating want to change my name according to numerology NEW by: Anannya Sharma i want to change my name accordingly, beacause i am hard working for studies but not getting results as expected.

Pls, suggest me the correct name as per numerology and help me to lead my career. B evening pm Is my name is good according to my numerology My email id:vinaykumar gmail. M Please suggest me if any correction is required in my name M.

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Mostly people call me as Raji. I write my name as M. My email I'd: raajiraaji87 g. I am suffering from many problms.. I havve many goals.. DOB 8th may Email- rsivaneni gmail. Apr 08, Rating Coreection of name NEW by: Adityaraj bayen Hi sir, pls suggest me the correct name as per numerology and help me to lead my life in happy. DOB 27th may Email- moumitanath22 yahoo. And how? Mail at: vedanshchauhan gmail. Apr 06, Rating Correct my name NEW by: Mahesh d m Hi sir, pls suggest me the correct name as per numerology and help me to lead my life in happy.

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But the Moonsign Nakshatra is also important which decides the firstname alphabet. Let's say if a person was born with magha nakshatra firstname start with alphabet M ruled by planet SUN and his first name was put according to kritika nakshatra firstname starting with alphabet N ruled by planet MARS. Even if the person possess a good name numerology he will be very unhappy and face trouble in his life as the kritika and magha nakshtra are not the same. So the moonsign is also very important in deciding firstname of a person life NB: I have just expressed my personal opinion of names.

Jan 05, Rating name for new born baby boy by: Jayashree Sonar I have baby boy on ,3. So which letter is suitable for my son for his best future.. Kindly give me an advice.. Jan 03, Rating Lucky email id by: kabita my sir my name is kabita and my dob is what should my email id will be. Dec 29, Rating i want to change my name by: pawan Hi sir! My name is pawan ganesh. I facings so many problems regarding financial and education. I am very much depressed of my life. How my name should I spell to bring back my good luck.

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DOB , Birth time 3. Looking for your valuable suggestions on it. Regards Somesh.