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Swooping down, he killed the sea monster which was threatening to devour her with his curved diamond sword and then married the princess.

When Pegasus was not engaged in playing the role of noble steed to the conquering heroes, as he did for Perseus and later for Bellerophon, he spent his time upon mountainous slopes of Helicon and was the favourite of the Muses. There, as Ovid tells us, 'in the green bowers of the ancient woods, amidst the caves and grottoes and the spangled lawns' of fragrant plants, which deprived serpents of their venom, dwelt the nine daughters of the Earth and Sky, who were the muses of poetry and music.

"Righteousness is the Owner of Power", said of Horus by the God Shu

They passed their days in dance and song, and, as dark fell, they wrapped themselves in cloud and came down from the mountain. Then, on still nights, their music could sometimes be heard by men, their celestial voices echoing through the darkness. Because their hoof-marks look like crescent moons, horses in Greece were sacred to the moon, which, as it lights up the darkness of the night, governs the world of imagination, instinct and intuition to which the horse also belongs.

The moon is also thought to be the source of all moisture, and it was believed to be the moon-shaped hooves of Pegasus, that, when they struck the flowering earth, had caused the Muses' fountain of poetic inspiration and imagination to start flowing. The most famous legend about Pegasus is a story of the triumph of true, inspired imagination over fancy and illusion.

Stars Over Washington

Bellerophon, Corinth's bravest hero, was set the task of slaying the Chimaera. This monstrous being, whose name we still use to describe deception and delusion, had the body of a goat, the tail of a dragon, and the head of a lion, which belched out sulphur, smoke and flames. Bellerophon asked the goddess of reason, Athene, for help. His prayers were answered in a dream: the grey-eyed goddess handed him a golden bridle with which to tame Pegasus, who would help him to conquer the Chimaera.

When Bellerophon awoke, the bridle was by his side. The hero found the winged horse drinking from a sacred fountain, and, throwing the bridle over him, he mounted on his back and soared into the air. They flew from Greece across the seas to southern Turkey, until, below them, the Chimaera, in her mountain cave, appeared. Bellerophon dropped lead into her mouth, which melted in the flames and killed her. But one day, the proud hero decided to try and ride the winged horse up to heaven.

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The gods grew angry, and sent a gadfly to sting Pegasus, who shied and threw his rider. Bellerophon fell 'headlong through the fields of air', and, lamed for life, he then wandered, disconsolate, through the world. Pegasus, meanwhile, continued upwards to the highest heaven. There, he became the bearer of Zeus's divine lightening, and, during storms, the thunder of his hoof-beats, which had set the rhythms of great poetry on the Muses' mountain, could still be heard, high overhead, as he galloped through the sky.

The astrological influences of the constellation Pegasus

The moonlit realm of the imagination, of visions, dreams and intuitions, is where those born under the sign of the winged stallion, Pegasus, feel most confident and at home. Often, this realm is more real to them than the everyday, material world, and the tendency to day-dream can be strong. Even in the thick of things, they can seem detached and dreamy, and they often have a faraway look in their eyes. In childhood, they are fond of solitude, even when it is not forced upon them. They have usually had ample time alone to allow the vivid powers of their imagination to develop.

Imagination is the greatest of all gifts, but it can be slow to mature. Like Medusa, who was torn between the power of her feelings - which the sea god represents and reason, those born under Pegasus have often had to struggle to find the balance between these two sides of their being. Until they manage this, they can swing, uneasily, between being overwhelmed by their emotions, and trying too rigidly to control them.

The power of their imagination is born from this conflict, though, and once they have found the middle ground, the richness of their vision can unfold. Even then, it can be hard for them to keep their feet on solid ground. They can also seem lazy, and unrealistic, to more earthbound, or intellectual signs, especially when they are in an introverted mood. Appearances are deceptive, however. They need to dream to renew contact with the well-springs of their being, and recharge the batteries of their inner life.

When they bounce back, they become a source of inspiration to the world around them and no one is more full of enthusiasm - and drive - than they are. Nothing seems impossible for a Pegasus when on an up-swing. Their energy may come in fits and starts, which is true of most creative people, but when their imagination is captured by a project, things tend to happen fast. Naturally, as the grand master-planners of a scheme, which is how they see their role, they prefer someone else to deal with the boring details.

If no one volunteers, however, the project joins the trail of dreams they often leave behind. This does not worry them unduly, though, as the castle in Spain they have been planning, complete with waterfalls and drifts of lilies, is not only built, but has usually been abandoned in their minds, long before the builder's estimate arrives. Still, even during this stage of their lives they are rarely bored, as they are always dreaming up new, and more exciting, schemes.

Sooner or later, however, they tend to grow dissatisfied with their achievements; and, with renewed determination, they teach themselves to harness their imagination, like Bellerophon, using reason and control. The last time Uranus was on Scheat, the costliest hurricane in history hit America. On September 18 , the Great Miami Hurricane killed over people and left 50, homeless. There were no aspects to Uranus as there will be this year.

The last time Saturn was on Scheat, a ferry sank of Hiati on 01 April killing over people. The last time Uranus was on Scheat: The first African Amercian to hold a pilots licence, Bessie Coleman died after falling 2, feet from her aeroplane on 30 April On 10 May , two pilots parachuted to safety after their planes collided mid-air at Langley Field, Virginia. The last time Uranus was on Scheat: 03 May , The British general strike in support of coal miners started. Over 1.

So the facts do stack up. There is a definite link between the fixed star Scheat and events that astrologers have been saying are related to it. With Jupiter amplifying the crazy effects of Uranus later this year, I expect some big headlines in the news. The influence of Scheat should be on full display.

Opposed by Saturn and squared by Pluto. The end of July this year sees the action planet Mars join Saturn, so all the malefic planets will be in play in this critical T-Square. If you have Scheat prominent in your chart you may be just a little concerned after reading this article so far. It will be a big year for you no doubt with the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at this point in your chart, regardless of the effects of Scheat.

Awareness is half the problem solved. There are plenty of examples of people with this star prominent expressing the positive manifestations of Scheat. So much depends on the whole chart, the aspects from Scheat and the other stars in the chart. Both extremely successful in their chosen fields. As an example of the importance of taking the whole chart into consideration, I want to look at just two charts, both with Sun on Scheat.

He tragically died in aged just In this mansion you should fashion images when you wish to pollute rivers and waters, or find hidden treasure, and for the production of much wheat, and by which may be accomplished the destruction of houses before they are complete. And likewise you make images in this [Mansion] for creating anger between one man and another, and also for making strong the prison in which are held captives.

Make the figure of a seated woman with her right hand over her head, and wrap it in cloth, suffumigate it with musk, camphor, mastic and aromatic oils.

Alpha Pegasi

Know that Annuncia is the name of the lord of this mansion. The third Mansion is called Acoraxa. It begins in the degree aforesaid, and is completed in the 8th degree, 3rd minute and 2nd second of Taurus. In this Mansion should be fashioned images for the salvation of sailors and their safe return, and for strengthening the imprisonment of captives, and for works of alchemy and for all operations which are done through fire, and for hunts in the country, and for the creation of love between man and wife.

Take red wax and when the Moon is passing through this Mansion, make the image of a knight riding on a horse, holding a serpent in his right hand, and suffumigate the image with red myrrh and storax. It will be completely done as you have requested.

Know that Assarez is the name of the lord of this Mansion. The fourth Mansion is called Aldebaran. It is begun in the 8th degree, 3rd minute and 2nd second of Taurus, and is finished in the 21st degree, 25th minute and 20th second of the same sign.

Fixed Stars in each of the Zodiacal Houses

In this mansion you should fashion images for the destruction of a city, villa or any other building which you desire not to endure, and they shall proceed to their destruction; and. Spread the love. Related Posts. December 5th, 0 Comments. September 22nd, 0 Comments.