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We were surprised though, to find a well-known Indian Astrologer who has so much availability. This is quite a contrast to the way that famous western psychics and astrologers work. Dr Prem appears however to have unlimited availability, which is a great thing if he writes the reports himself. Hopefully, the answers to these questions will help you to make an informed decision about whether you want to purchase an astrology reading from Dr Prem.

So if you want to find out more, keep on reading. But in the meantime, if you want a guaranteed legit Indian Astrology or psychic reading today, check out the link below. There is also no description of each service offered. You get to choose what service you want and hope for the best, which is not ideal although there is a chatbox if you need to ask any questions. You could expect the following forms of astrology from Dr Prem detailed below.

You can do so via messenger or email. Also known more traditionally as Hindu Astrology. Anybody already familiar with Hindu culture will know that many important decisions, holidays and events frequently link to the Vedic astrological calendars. The Jyotisa charts featured in Vedic Astrology traditionally inspire the names of newborns. Lal Kitab is a field of remedial astrology which was inspired by a book.

The book referenced has Persian roots and in poetic verses that help to resolve any afflictions found in a Vedic birth chart. The study of face reading, aura reading , and whole-body analysis incorporated with Vedic Astrology. The analysis of these markings reveal more insight into the life, personality and birth chart of the person who owns the marks. It will show the fortune , obstacles, conflicts, and weaknesses. But each different style of astrology works differently and will reveal different insight. Services advertised on Prem Astrologer are focused on the central issues that are focused on Indian life and culture; specifically Hindu Culture.

These include business, marriage, childbirth, disease, job and career and Kundali matching birth chart compatibility. Every free service will take you to another part of the site so that you may find out more information. We assume that all roads will lead to a premium service, though. The page you land on is a generic page promoting all premium services. Dr Prem provides a variety of astrology reports; the prices are listed in Indian Rupees and can vary depending on the detail in the report.

Payment for premium services is via bank transfer. Nor is there information about how long it will take for you to receive the reading you ordered. The same situation occurs with the free readings too. Prices differ slightly and increase depending on how much detail you request on your reports. There are plenty of options to choose from. Turnaround time will differ depending on how busy Dr Prem is.

There is a chatbox facility which is perfect for getting updates on the turnaround time. There are plenty of verified Indian Astrologers working at Keen though. Keen also offers the opportunity to try small taster readings first and provides a satisfaction guarantee. Dr Prem appears in a wide variety of media in India and has also written books and blogs. There is also a vast choice of readings available; both free and premium. Although the focus here is only on Indian Astrology. There is much more choice of different types of astrologers and psychics to be found with a top-rated psychic provider like Keen, and also a variety of prices too.

All psychics and astrologers on Keen or Psychic Source are all tested and verified. Keen and Psychic Source monitor their psychics, and their reviews are real-time. They are not edited or curated and more likely to be real. There is no option to pay via Paypal and take advantage of their satisfaction guarantee. However, Dr Prem could be an excellent resource for anybody looking for traditional Vedic astrology. Dr Prem is a prolific astrologer based in India. We appreciate the free content that Dr Prem provides though. His free services are useful for anybody interested in Vedic astrology.

Some of the services are focused on Indian locations and time.

Libra Love Compatibility

You have to know what it is or do your research. Other sites who also promote Indian Astrologers, like Keen, make things much easier. They are comfortable in communicating with others and give importance to finer things in life. The Libran person has profound passion and Gemini have wonderful humor to keep a lively environment.

Gemini Woman and Libra Man A Libran man is completely untamed and very creative, and same is the case with Gemini woman. She also has a very amusing, precipitating and sociable side. This relation is filled with passion. They are open-minded and attractive with capital. This can be a good relation but they need to find comfort zone in each other. Libra Love Cancer There are many things in common between a Cancer and a Libra person and there can be an equal number of differences too.

Cancer and Libra both love to live a quiet life.

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Cancerian person is open to discussion, but to a lesser extent as compared to Libran. Cancer Woman and Libra Man Genuine hard work is required both from Cancer woman and Libra man to keep their relationship alive. She only wants fiction and love from him, but he has more practical approach. You can expect a rage of passion when she is able to keep a warm heart, which may drown you possibly. Both of them want to fall in love and they are able to this with little effort.

There is no shortage of realistic sign like receipt of gift and charitable, and they are able to overcome fiction between them. They are able to make their partner feel special. Both are fond of people and parties. For instance, the obstinacy of the Lion balances smoothly with the flexibility of a Libran. A Libran is able to get things done from a Lion easily and is able to handle it with mediation and discretion. Both of them live in the present and love their belongings.

Leo Woman and Libra Man In case a Libra man is in search for a long term relation, then a Leo woman can be a good option. There are many characteristics that are common among them which make for an ideal relation. Above all, there is lot of romance.

Dr. Sharma's Predictions on Shani Amavasya

Both of them are quite expressive and are filled with obsession. He comes up with new and creative ways every time. In response, she provides the required attention and is in approval. This relation can be quite influential.

Dr. Sharma's Predictions for New Year

Libra Love Virgo There is no compatibility between a Virgo and a Libra relation due to difference in nature. A Libra likes to meet people and have conversation. A Libra person never forms perception about people and readily accepts difference in opinions. A Virgo is on the opposite side of the corner, being of an introvert nature, and does not like meeting people or talking with them. A Virgo may find a Libra a coward and a vacillating person.

Their different nature can neutralize each other provided they are ready to make attentive efforts. Both are in search for excellence as far as common characteristics goes between them. A Libran may break the dangerous stare of a Virgo as he wants to achieve stability. He has a sensitive approach towards everything in life which contradicts with her practical approach.

She has a lot of trouble with his vacillating nature. She does not have any enthusiasm about things. Libra Love Libra Two Libra people have the same positive character. The drawback in this relation is that the negative traits in both of them are also the same. Due to this reasons this relation can turn both ways, it can turn out to be highly fruitful or completely mismatched.

A Libra person is in lookout of a partner as he does like to live alone. He likes to be with someone to whom he can tell his doubts, grief and contentment. In case he is not in a relationship, he is continuously searching for someone. Good things in life are always appreciated by the Librans. Both of them have the tendency to neglect a situation and shun differences without coming to a conclusion, this may cause problem in future. It is difficult for Librans to make a choice.

Libra Love Scorpio Scorpio has a dominating nature over Libra. His feelings are very obsessive and deeper. Whenever a Libra gets into a love relation, he always remains a little reserve and detached. The Scorpio are in search of independence, on the other hand, Libra wants the company of his partner. The radicalism of Scorpio is balanced by the unbiased feelings of a Libra. Both of them pay attention to each other and are passionate to the core. There is sufficient amount of attraction between them and there is harmony in this relation. They have similar composition of weak positions and form a wonderful match.

Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Libra Woman has a caring attitude towards Scorpio man and is quite considerate as well, but it is difficult to say whether it will turn into a long lasting relationship. They discuss things with each other in an intelligent manner. He takes his stand when he plans out something for her. She may have informal relation with conflicting gender which he may not find appealing. Libra Love Sagittarius Libra and Sagittarius will have a good compatible relation as they have many common traits between each other.

Both of them love to explore new things, like to cooperate with group and loves liberty. Among the two, Sagittarius is more audacious and this may pose some threat at times. Both of them have sociable nature. There is no limitation in their love relation and this is the main reason for the success of this relation. This can turn out to be the strongest match provided they are able to adjust themselves. He motivates her to be more natural and inventive and they engage in rational talks.

Both of them like to mingle with other people and have a flawless sense of humor. This is sufficient amount of enthusiasm in this relation and liberty is not compromised. Libra Love Capricorn Libra and Capricorn are not like each other. There may be similarity in certain cases. The amount they can adjust with each other will determine the nature of their compatibility.

A Libra likes to work together with people and is an outgoing person by nature. Both of them can have a perfect tuning provided they make some attempts. All the safety that is important in life can be provided by a Capricorn. Still, Libran is always looking for some adventure and this may make Capricorn look down. Libra may feel disgust by the unwrapping nature of love from Libra. Libra Woman and Capricorn Man In order to make this relation everlasting and stable lots of adjustments and compromises are required from both of them. She likes his stable nature in the beginning, but in the long run she gets bored by it.

He is fascinated by her animated nature in the beginning, but it may lead to argument in the long run. They have some things in common like to taste better things in life.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

They are never short of academic discussions and take it smartly. They are able to find the self-determination they are looking for, in this relationship. None of them is too demanding on the other. To get things completed, a Libra makes use of mediation and attraction, along with proposal and originality at times. A Libran pleasant sounding and impartial personality is complimented by Aquarius and he loves his originality and proposal. She is fortunate enough to have a satisfying relationship.

His impetuous nature, wild ways and daring line always delight her. He likes her fairways and rational mind. This relation is in balanced co-ordination, with perfect control and restraint.

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  • Both of them appreciate freedom and they are ideal for each other. Libra Love Pisces Sorry!

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