Sun and venus conjunction in astrology

Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology. Wow, wow! Compliments immediately make me blush. If a pick up line is funny enough, I go down in tears. I love a guy who can charm me as well as I can charm him. And adventure through travelling? Yes, please. Downsides are the fact that my Moon and Venus squares my Saturn, so I have the not-good-enough-for-anyone doubts. Love troubles, too. Also feel like I intimidate people because I can be really outgoing. Sun in 1st House trait, I suppose? Tell me about it! Great post. When I read about Venus, the Sun, the moon, mars, jupiter, uranus, ect.

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Why do you think the world is always singing and crying about love? Severely underrated. Very true. Although my husband has mutable planets too, mutable mars and moon whew! Glad you enjoyed the article. A wonderfully confident aspect. Yes, I agree about Venus being underrated. Especially in this time of Saturn in Scorpio. This is one of my aspects in my chart. So true! Thanks for this article! Its nice to know its not all bad! I have 10th house Sun in Scorpio 9 degrees conjunct 10th house Venus in Scorpio also at 9 degrees.

Admittedly, the attention-seeking and charming ways apply. Thankfully, its all in good fun. I know half a dozen Sun Venus conjunct Aries and they are by far some of the most selfish people I have ever met. I can hardly stand to be around them, and not all are that attractive either I know one in particular that was not near as good looking as he thought he was.

Two Planet Conjunction

Yet he was sort narcisstic. Always checking his self in the mirror. They also had some selfish-possessive tendencies, but not to surpass the selfishness of Aries- and its apparent in ALL the ones that I know.

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  • Overall, these people to me, have a tendency to think thery are a whole lot better looking, smarter, etc. They truly need a wake-up call. Yeah, they love the king alright. I dated a sun conjunct venus in leo guy.. At his best he could be romantic and spread joy, at the worst delusional and predatory… sad I wanted to believe the best of his self-assured lies. I agree wholeheartely with Maura. I have been married to two Scorpio Sun-Venus conjunct and the narcissism is there. Worse than the scorpios as far as vainess. She hit the nail on the head.

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    I bet they ooh and ahh themselves everytime they look in the mirror. This sun-venus conjunct may hold true to some signs, but certainly not these two. It must be the Mars Pluto thing because these two are certainly not all that. I would go so far as to say beware of them if you are looking for a relationship unless you want to lay down and play doormat.

    Every situation is a power struggle, a series of never ending one upmanships. To say he has a high opinion of himself is an understatement. Super competitive, unnecessarily so. Very peculiar overall. Instead, they work their charms and draw people to them. Remember that their ability to attract others Venus is very much tied up with their ego Sun. Because Venus rules all things feminine, both sexes with this aspect tend to be quite attractive. Women generally find men with Sun conjunct Venus very pleasing and charming.

    They sense the value these men place on the feminine. Women with this placement possess an unmistakable and strong femininity. Sun conjunct Venus: You have a basic self-esteem that is plain to all who meet you. Your sense of discrimination and innate good taste means that you know good items from bad and are a connoisseur of all that is fine and beautiful. A love of authority figures men in particular , plus an appreciation for authority and your elders in general, makes you welcome at any social scene.

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    Sun conjunct Venus: The Socialite You are refined and cultured with a love of the arts and beautiful things. Because a day without fun is depressing, you make yourself attractive and available and are usually where something entertaining is going on. Sun conjunction Venus: calls out the artistic side of the nature, making the person fond of music, art and poetry; it strengthens the love nature and if the configuration occurs in the Seventh House it is a positive testimony of unalloyed marital bliss.

    In the Second or Eight House it leads to extravagance of the person or his mate; in Scorpio it is not good for the morals and in Pisces it leads to intemperance. These aspects strengthen the constitution, increase the popularity and make social intercourse smooth so that the person has many friends and keeps them.

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    As the orbit of Venus is so small she never forms the sextile, trine, square or opposition to the Sun. Find out how you can get your astrology chart positions free with our simple steps.

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