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Enter that magical space today! The last time that the Moon was in Pisces, a month ago, we had that dark and spooky Micro-Moon. Process them with the benefit of all you have learned in the past three and a half weeks. As the Moon harmonises with Uranus, Mercury and the Lunar Nodes, it helps you find allies and find inspiration.

A chance to build toward your dreams! As long as Black Moon Lilith , currently in Pisces, is also courting Neptune, what you dream of will always come with a bit of a darker edge. When there is a change in the situation you are asking for, then you can ask the same question again. Respect the cards if you want them to "speak" to you.

Learning to use the Reading Cards is simple, just connect to your inner voice and relax, tune in to your psychic powers. Sometimes reading cards can be more than a hobby The price of the whole set - 30 Euro, not including delivery. Payments are accepted with Paypal, Bank transfer, or Western Union.

Overseas with the regular post office takes one week or 10 days. Let her good wishes come true! For example, mountain bikers have a wide variety of words for crashing and for different types of crashes, and racers have terms to refer to packs of riders and the effects of being in or out of such a group. In addition to slang, any type of rider might use technical jargon for parts of a bike, bike brands, maintenance procedures, and the like, and BMX bikers have an additional stock of names for BMX biking tricks.

Not meant to be a derogatory term, at least not on a conscious level. Betty: A generic name for a female rider, used most often by male riders. May not be universally appreciated. The word is a cartoon description of the sound the rider and bike make when the rider falls over from exhaustion. Bicyclists and Mountain Bikers 35 36 brain bucket: synonyms: lid, skid lid A bike helmet.

This is done by crouching, then springing up. Usually done to clear an obstacle. Toe clips keep feet firmly on the pedals while riding. Being unable to clip out can cause accidents or embarrassing toppling incidents. Since handlebars are usually made of hollow metal tubing, an unplugged tube can have a cookie cutter effect.

Talk the Talk crayon: To leave blood on rock or asphalt after a crash or fall. DFL: In last position by the end of the ride or race. Not considered an elegant move.

CAPRICORN NOVEMBER 2017 Horoscope. NEW Opportunity BRINGS more SECURITY!

Talk the Talk potato chip: A wheel that has been bent in a crash. Can be derogatory, particularly if coming from a trail biker. Many birders maintain one or more lists of birds they have spotted. Some examples are life lists, which include every sighting the birder has ever made; national lists; state lists; and year lists.

Also used as an adjective. BOP: 1 Bird of Paradise. Also to dip out. Also, to dip. Talk the Talk gee-fink: An American Goldfinch. Birders 43 44 pie: A Magpie. Mildly derogatory. Most bodybuilders seek to build not only larger muscles, but also a welldefined, impressive physique. The bodybuilder lies or sits on the bench, depending on the exercise. Men afflicted with this condition develop breasts. Gynecomastia can result from steroid usage and is undesirable.

Bodybuilders tend to be keenly interested in body composition and not particularly interested in weight. Usually implies having clean lines rather than being bulky with muscle. Talk the Talk carb up: To eat foods high in carbohydrates. Some bodybuilders carb up before a contest to achieve the best muscle appearance, but the process is tricky to get just right. Some bodybuilders believe a small amount of strategic cheating is helpful. Can result from overtraining, not drinking enough water, poor nutrition, or not working out enough. Sometimes used by non-bodybuilders as an insult.

This is in contrast to, for instance, exercise machines in gyms. Full muscles are good, while flat muscles are bad. This idea does not have universal acceptance. Can be derogatory. Bodybuilders 49 50 mandatory pose: synonym: compulsory pose A bodybuilding contest pose used to gauge overall muscle development. Others feel that there simply is no reason to max out.

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If a workout is not varied, a muscle group can become too efficient at a particular exercise and stop getting much benefit from it. Despite the sound of the term, muscle confusion is usually desirable. Olympic plate: synonym: plate A type of barbell plate with a large hole; by contrast, a standard plate has a smaller hole. The bar in any given barbell is sized either for Olympic plates or standard plates. Olympic plates are generally forty-five pounds each; plates smaller than this are referred to as spare change: nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Talk the Talk on time: synonyms: on the money, peaking Having achieved topnotch muscle definition, generally for a competition. Getting on time is called dialing it in. This is a common technique; doing more reps with lower weight high reps is considered a good approach to warming up a muscle group. For example, a bodybuilder might do three sets of eight reps each on a particular machine.

CHEIRO's NUMEROLOGY - You And Your Star.pdf

Generally a very bad idea. Talk the Talk six pack: synonym: washboard An abdominal muscle so well-defined that individual sections of the muscle stand out. The same exercise as the french press. Olympic plate generally refers to a forty-five-pound weight, so the smaller Olympic plates are called spare change in general and nickels, dimes, and quarters specifically. Spotters sometimes help as well, but are primarily around for safety. In a recent investigation by Kessler International, a firm that specializes in protection against fraud and theft, only a little more than 25 percent of carnivals they reviewed treated their patrons honestly across the board.

Many carnival games and concessions are privately owned: Their proprietors rent space, access to utilities, and so forth from the carnival owner. Other carnivals may be made up of concessions owned by the same organization that owns the carnival as a whole.

Thus carnival workers 56 include carnival owners and their employees, as well as independent concession owners and their employees. Carnival slang is a particularly enduring kind of speech; many of the terms in use today originated in the early days of carnivals. And why would any self-respecting flattie want to educate the chumps? Related Subcultures: Circus People, Magicians, Pro Wrestling Fans, Con Artists and Scammers miler or miler: Any younger person who has very recently joined the carnival and is expected to get homesick and leave before the carnival gets forty or fifty miles down the road.

Not this kid. This can apply to either a person working the carnival or to a visitor. A person who wins such a game will generally get an explanation Talk the Talk of how her apparent win actually broke the rules, along with a more attractive offer to play again, often for a bigger prize. The bally sometimes includes brief appearances by the performers, or it can comprise a mini-performance offered for tips. At most carnivals, this person is called a talker. More generally, a disagreement. Also called Carney. This term is sometimes considered derogatory. A cook shack is infrequently open to the public.

Talk the Talk crack: A tried and true phrase the operator of a carnival game uses to get the best possible reaction from a carnival patron. Refers to a carnival patron who knows the various ways games are rigged. A fireball may include lewd attractions, highly dishonest games, etc. Having first count offers the best opportunity to ensure one is not being cheated or to potentially skim a little off the top. Flash may not be winnable, depending on how honest the game is. Food and other items may be for sale in the G-top as well.

Comparable to a storefront on a downtown street. For example, a gaffed game is rigged to be difficult or impossible to win; a gaffed exhibit is fake. Less common now than they once were. It generally yields prizes that are worth much less than the price of the game. One concession may require multiple holes, depending on how much space it needs i. G-top: A gambling tent for carnival workers, not open to the hot snake: A poisonous snake used in a carnival show.

Talk the Talk inside talker: synonym: lecturer A carnival worker who speaks to patrons inside a show tent. This is a favored means of shooing away children. Note that this is the same term favored by con artists for their intended victims see page Not a term often used with the public. Descended from oldtime medicine shows.

Talk the Talk play a mark: To keep a carnival patron at a game long enough for him or her to lose as much money as possible; more broadly, to milk a carnival patron dry by any means. More broadly, to reuse anything. Roughies take care of a variety of tasks, such as collecting money from concession operators, and hiring new workers. For example, a shill might succeed immediately at winning a big prize, making it appear that the game can be won and that the big prizes are actually given out when this might not really be the case. The person who speaks to patrons inside the tent is called the lecturer or inside talker.

For instance, such a show might cheat patrons flagrantly or include unusually raunchy girl shows. Currently there are well over a hundred American cat shows each year. Alley cats may yowl, but queens call. Often used more specifically to refer to cat enthusiasts who are involved in cat breeding or cat shows. For instance, Manx cats are not supposed to have tails, but every once in a while a very nice Manx with a tail comes along, and if it participates in a cat show it does so in the Any Other Variety class, competing against a variety of other elegant misfits rather than against others of its own breed.

Sometimes used more narrowly to refer to activities like cat breeding and cat shows. An individual cat breeder registers the name of his or her cattery. This designation becomes part of the name of each of the cats born there. See prefix for more information on cat naming. This condition disqualifies a cat from appearing in a show. Not derogatory. If a cat changes ownership, the suffix must be officially removed to be replaced with a new suffix. The designation applies even to very new cavers, as long as they are trying to learn the right way to do things.

A speleologist may have a degree in geology, biology, hydrology, or some other related field or may simply have studied on his or her own. See the introduction to this section for the differences between caver, spelunker, and speleologist. Cavers and Spelunkers 71 Circus People The American circus as we know it first appeared in the early nineteenth century. It was imported from Europe, where modern circuses had come into existence forty or fifty years earlier.

Much modern American circus slang emerged during the early years of the circus and has remained consistent over the decades since. It has incorporated terms from European circuses and through them a few from the gypsy language, Romany, since many European circuses included gypsy performers. Circuses have lost much of their popularity since the s as other forms of entertainment have become common. Over that time, a new type of circus has developed in contrast to the traditional shows of varied acrobat, clown, and performing animal acts. What we now call a carnival originated as the part of a circus that was outside the big top.

These additional entertainments grew over time, eventually becoming completely separate organizations. Because of this history, much carnival worker slang is shared with circus folk. Auguste clown: A type of foolish clown, usually with white makeup on the whole face or around the eyes and mouth. I expected that they were downhearted, but they were not, especially as the tent was not repairable! The boss canvasman chooses sites for the tents and oversees the workers who set them up. This is an important position in the circus, not a role played by a clown in a performance. Closely associated with circuses and carnivals but not in as widespread use as it once was.

This phrase is widespread, but looked on with disfavor among some more traditionalist clowns. The Web site www. Talk the Talk clown stop: A very brief clown performance, usually between other circus acts as props are changed or equipment set up. During the come-in, rides or games may be offered outside the big top, and pre-show clowns may perform. Its just another way to dress the house. Not to be confused with the ringmaster, who is actually the person in charge of horse acts.

Widely understood, but waning in use. Joey: as a noun A clown, especially a more experienced clown. A carnival see page 55 is a midway without a circus connected to it. The pie car is not open to the public. A pitchman might work on the midway or might use the loudspeaker between acts to encourage patrons to buy from vendors butchers moving through the crowd. Your status on the show will dictate what kind of room you live in and in which train car. Some circuses have one ring, others three. The term refers to the area enclosed by the ring curbs, not to the ring curbs themselves.

The term is often incorrectly used to refer to the fancy pants also called the gaffer or announcer. That suited him, and he made the most of the life he had picked for himself. A top held up by poles, together with sidewalls, makes a complete tent. Circus People 79 80 stripe: A tiger. Normally there should be at least one juggler in there. While many of the special terms used among coin and paper money collectors seem formal, names of coins and coin features are the exception.

Some collectors collect coins as an investment, which is understandable given that an individual piece can sell for as much as three million dollars, as a gold eagle a ten dollar coin did. Others may value the history that each coin embodies or the sensation of possessing a collection of small, beautiful objects or the challenge of finding coins and properly determining their value despite complicated grading criteria, damage, discoloration, wear, and even alteration and counterfeiting.

In the past there have been a variety of coin grading systems. The main one in use today 82 was assembled from two other systems by the Professional Coin Grading Service PGCS , one of the two major coin appraisal companies. Under the PGCS system, coin grades have both an abbreviation and a number.

The numbers range from 1 to 70, mostly in increments of 5. Some of these terms are counter-intuitive. Related Subculture: Stamp Collectors Philatelists accumulation: A group of coins that is not organized or intentional enough to be called a collection. Not a derogatory term. Talk the Talk contemporary counterfeit: A copy of a coin or note made during the period the currency was legal tender; that is, a counterfeit meant to be spent instead of to fool a collector. Contemporary counterfeit coins are generally made of cheaper metals than the real coins.

Many kinds of dipping can strip off thin layers of metal, devaluing the coin. Web address on the insert. More specifically, the condition specified by one of the main professional grading services. See the introduction for specifics about grades. For instance, a Nevada farmer named Lavere Redfield distrusted banks after the Depression and regularly turned his savings over for newly minted silver dollars, of which he eventually amassed , Plugged coins are significantly less valuable than coins that have not been altered.

Sheldon Scale: The 1-to numerical grading system for coin condition. Coin and Money Collectors 85 86 slab: as a noun A clear, plastic holder with a coin encased in it. Grading services generally slab coins once they are graded. Talk the Talk Con Artists and Scammers Confidence schemes, cons, swindles, con games, scams, frauds: Each of these terms describes stealing by deceit instead of stealth or violence. The theater for these kinds of cheats can be practically anywhere: a corporate boardroom, the Internet, the street, a friendly card game, a carnival, a telephone call, the train station, or even an elaborately-designed fake store or brokerage house filled with fake workers and fake customers.

One of the odd things about con game slang is that fiction and movies often use con artist slang from the first half of the twentieth century as though it were still current. And in part, it may be because the slang con artists used at the time was so colorful. Real-life scammers are less dashing, their ranks being populated with methodical criminals who specialize in defrauding senior citizens together with scammers who spam barely-coherent e-mails to tens of thousands of people at a time.

In Nigeria, this kind of fraud is a violation of section of the criminal code. Badger Game: A scam in which an attractive woman entices the intended victim—ideally a married man—to spend some intimate time with her, then exploits the situation for money. For instance, a hidden partner may take photographs to use as blackmail, or the Talk the Talk woman may threaten to file rape or sexual harassment charges, or a partner may burst in, pretending to be the jealous husband.

Bank Examiner Scheme: A con in which a con artist pretends to be a bank official or law enforcement officer trying to catch a crooked teller. A mark victim who beefs or squawks is bad for business and may need to be cooled down—that is, calmed and made to stop complaining generally without the use or threat of violence. Black Dollar Scam: A con game in which black paper is passed off as currency that has been taken out of circulation by covering it with black ink. Victims are often promised very high returns and told that the scammers possess inside information.

The intention of the scam is usually to temporarily drive up the price of worthless stock owned by the scammers. The item is actually a Rock-in-a-Box. The term is antiquated, but still in use. COD Scam: A scam in which the scammer pretends to be delivering a COD item addressed to a recently deceased person in order to get the COD payment amount from a capper: One of a team of con artists who pretends not to know the others; he or she bets or bids alongside the intended victim of a con.

Can also mean a special enticement or supposedly-helpful information that makes a con game or rigged gamble look more appealing. A confidence man may operate in the open as with operators of rigged betting games ; or approach the intended victim with an offer fake goods for sale, financial opportunities ; or act as part of a group; or work behind the scenes. More broadly, any action that gets the mark to believe the scam is legitimate.

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The information is made available to other scammers for a fee. End result: The victim has paid a lot of money for a cheap violin. Talk the Talk fish: synonyms: mark, pigeon, rube, sucker A victim or potential victim of a confidence scheme. By this means, the con artist can appear to have special knowledge of the market and can exploit the situation to sell or promote dubious investments. For instance, a gaffed roulette wheel might be set to land on a specific number when the scammer operates a hidden control.

People usually women in need of a lot of money are invited into the group. At set intervals, they give significant amounts of money to more senior members of the group who are also, supposedly, in financial need. The idea is that newer members will continue to come in and give monetary gifts to veteran members, so that by giving these gifts yourself and staying in the organization, a victim is as- Con Artists and Scammers 93 94 sured she will eventually receive much more money than she has paid out.

The problem is that of course all that money is just coming out of the pockets of other gifting circle members in need, and sooner or later the available pool of new members will be tapped out, meaning everyone at the lower levels will be left with no chance of recouping their money. By definition, a confidence scheme is not violent, although some con games can be combined with the threat of violence for instance in a badger game scam. One of a variety of scams used by check forgers paperhangers.

When the intended victim reaches a certain stage in the scam, the inside man is introduced in an environment that makes the meeting seem like a great privilege. Jamaican Switch: synonym: Pigeon Drop An intended victim Talk the Talk is asked to hold money or other valuables while his or her own money is requested as a deposit to prove honesty. The scammers generally own the stock. After running this scam, they sell it at the inflated price. Less-Cash Deposit Scheme: synonym: Split Deposit A scam in which a bogus check is deposited to a bank account for the purpose of receiving cash.

Because a deposit is being made, bank personnel may pay the cash without asking for credentials. Managed Earnings Scam: Making corporate earnings look better than they actually are for the pur- Michigan roll: A bundle of lowdenomination bills, or plain paper with a high-denomination bill on the outside; masquerades as a roll of high-denomination bills. Used in scams like the Pigeon Drop. Nigerian letter fraud or Nigerian money transfer fraud: synonym: A scam used to get bank account information by promising a share of a foreign fortune.

Three-Card Monte is a betting scam in which the game operator shows three cards, one of which is a queen. He then shuffles the cards; the bettor must indicate which is the queen. Operators use a variety of shuffling tricks—the hype, the overthrow, the toss, the Mexican turnover, and others—to make the queen appear displaced.

The checks might be written against a closed or empty account, forged, or altered. If the recipient provides the information requested, the scammer uses the data to steal from the victim. To seal the deal and prove good faith, the mark is asked to give the scammer a sum of money that amounts to much less than the supposed value of whatever the mark is holding. Never mind that this makes no sense; people fall for this one on a regular basis.

Pig-in-a-Poke: synonym: Rockin-a-Box A rock packaged and sold as valuable merchandise. Once the pool of suckers is exhausted, all of the later arrivals—most of the participants—are out of luck. In one common prime bank scam, the scammer sells bogus financial instruments that they say are guaranteed by the prime bank.

The scammer uses discarded packaging from trash heaps and similar sources and re-shrink wraps it. Sometimes a generic box with a picture of the item is substituted for genuine packaging. Because the transactions may never be viewed together and are inconsequential individually, they are difficult to detect. The real victim of a Salami Attack is usually the bank or other entity processing the transactions.

The contact information coupon redeemers supply tells the manufacturer or wholesaler where the goods ended up. Scam baiting has become a popular Internet sport. This is, of course, a lie. Scammers make money by offering to sell information on such loans or by accepting application fees for them. Contrasted with the long con, which requires time to pay off. The information is used to steal money or services, or is sold to another thief. Some people who use skimmers work the register at legitimate businesses and will surreptitiously skim cards customers use to pay for their purchases.

Split Deposit: synonym: LessCash Deposit Scheme A scam in springer: synonyms: operator, card tosser, tosser, dealer, broad tosser A con artist working a rigged betting game called Three-Card Monte. The dealer, or operator, shuffles the cards in an intricate pattern, and the victim tries to say which of the cards is the money card. The game is sometimes played by the operator alone and sometimes with an entire cast of con men, including shills, who pretend to be actual players and to win a lot of money, or who act as lookouts or muscle.

Shills can be used in various ways to avoid actually paying a winner. Three-Card Monte is just a playing card version of a scam that can be perpetrated with any number of props, especially with a ball under a shell in the age-old Shell Game. New information such as a new payee and amount can be written in. Newer, more secure checks cannot be washed in this way.

An intended victim who is hep is of no use to the con artist. Con Artists and Scammers Cowboys and Rodeo Riders There are three main remnants of traditional cowboy talk in modern times. First are modern cattle ranches, where modernization has simplified and eliminated much of what went into making a cowboy a cowboy. Second are rodeos, where cowboy skills are still valued.

And last are the tourist attractions: dude ranches, cattle drives, and cowboy museums. These institutions preserve a version of historical cowboy slang. Modern cowboy slang still includes some of the historical lingo even away from tourist locations, and much of that historical cowboy talk comes from Spanish.

Both historical and modern cowboys have been known to speak some Spanish, and cowboy slang includes a number of Spanish words that have been transformed into English. Not all cowboys like this term, so use it with care. Today this is an activity for tourists, although it once was an essential part of ranching. Modern ranchers, except those who run dude ranches or similar operations, generally ship their cattle to market on trains or trucks.

Chaps ward off underbrush, cacti, etc. Chinks are easy to pack and carry as well as more comfortable in hot weather than full-length chaps. The recommended term is cowboy, cowpoke, or whatever other word happens to be preferred locally. Not all rodeos still pay day money. Used when talking about a number of animals. Cowboys and Rodeo Riders pickup man: A rodeo worker who helps riders off bucking horses. This word is not used as widely as it once was.

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Can mean that the rider is about to be thrown, or just that he or she is using a looser riding technique. Users and sellers of illegal substances often speak about them in roundabout ways, constantly developing new drug slang terms. Soon, however, these terms become common enough that they no longer serve the purpose of secrecy, and newer ones have to be created. As a result, the total number of terms in the drug vocabulary is mindboggling, especially when taking into account local and regional drug slang, which is not documented here.

They pretty much always involve some mention of an amount of something, though, and a cost. Amounts could be described as almost anything—a pint of milk, or quart or gallon—with respective prices representing the price to be charged. To make matters worse, one drug may have literally hundreds of different names. Drug slang encompasses a huge number of words and phrases related to specific drugs: terms for the drug itself, for different ways of taking the drug, for mixtures of that drug and another, for different levels of quality, and so on.

Despite the number of terms drug users generate, the meanings of those terms are very limited, the great majority having to do with specific drugs, drug quality, purchasing drugs, ingesting or inhaling or injecting the drugs, and the feelings associated with the process. If you read them straight through, the listings below quickly begin to feel repetitive. Throughout this book, definitions are written as an outsider would define the terms, not in the language of the subculture itself.

Used most often in reference to LSD use. Talk the Talk bammer: synonyms: ditch weed, downtown brown Poor-quality marijuana. Drug Pushers and Users blunt: A hollowed-out cigar that has been filled with marijuana. C joint: A place where cocaine is sold. Drug Pushers and Users perp: synonyms: bump, gank, flex, fleece Fake cocaine.

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The term can also refer to several other ways to inhale marijuana. Many drug dealers mix their products with less expensive substances to make more money, using anything from a lower-quality version of the same drug to household chemicals. Drug Pushers and Users toke: synonyms: snort, do a line, horn, one and one, pop, sniff, blow To inhale cocaine into the nose. About three times as many U.

The most popular types of freshwater fish are bass, panfish sunfish, perch, and bluegill , trout, catfish, and crappie. The most popular fish among saltwater sport fishermen are flatfish halibut and flounder , followed by striped bass, sea trout, bluefish, salmon, and mackerel. In addition to the fishing itself, many flyfishers make a hobby of fly tying, the craft of creating effective flyfishing lures out of hooks, feathers, thread, and other materials.

Related Subculture: Hunters Barney: A person who is unskilled, incompetent, or new at fishing. The only problem was, they were all pickerels. This last category includes such beasts as centaurs and chakats, creatures with the lower body of a large feline and a human or mixed human and feline upper body. The most divisive issue in furry fandom is sex. Other furries are interested in yiff, the subculture of furry sex.

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Yiff encompasses erotic anthropomorphic art, virtual sex, reallife sexual encounters sometimes in costume , and even sexual attraction to stuffed toys. Furry characters are categorized by the type of animal on which the character is based. Popular categories include bovine cow, bull, buffalo, etc. Typical furry activity includes online chat or discussion groups, conventions, and drawing. A large number of furries spend time socializing with other furries on the Web, in character.

A given con might be specifically for furries, or it might be a science fiction convention that includes some furry events. The term can be considered either neutral or derogatory. Lifestylers sometimes adopt characteristics of the animal in their appearance or mannerisms.

Regardless of how the connection is expressed, a lifestyler is a furry who considers it central to his or her identity. Used especially in chat rooms, stories, and other virtual or fictional contexts. Can be derogatory or neutral. Furry fandom shares this word with some other subcultures, such as science fiction and fantasy fans see separate section. People who use this term often prefer to differentiate themselves from furry fandom a. Talk the Talk Gamblers and Poker Players Gambling slang is easy to learn—a welcoming kind of slang—because everybody in the gambling world loves to teach a newbie, usually by taking his or her money.

The most popular types of gambling are card games poker, blackjack, baccarat , games in which players bet on which numbers will appear or hope for certain numbers to be picked roulette, craps, bingo, keno, lotteries , slot machines, and wagers on events horse racing, sporting events, proposition bets, and so on.

Most of these types of betting can be done in casinos, where odds or fees are arranged so that the casino generally receives a portion of the money wagered. This section covers the slang of gambling, but not the terms used in specific games. On the other hand, the following is rich in general gambling slang information, like the difference between being the fish and being the shark.

Related Subculture: Con Artists and Scammers action: The amount of money a player has wagered on one hand or game. Can mean the amount set aside for one game, for a gambling session, or for a gambling trip. For a player to use basic strategy he or she must memorize all of the odds involved. Unlike card counting, basic strategy is allowed in casinos. Not cheating, but prohibited in casinos.

Card counting is more involved than basic strategy. To use card counting, the player must keep track of which cards have been played so far and consider that with other factors. The term can refer to a player or to a house dealer, and is most often used in reference to card games. For more information on con artists, see the con artists section on page If the odds on a particular event improve, they are said to shorten. He then shuffles the cards, and the bettor must indicate which is the queen. Monte is a scam because it can so easily be manipulated, and is not a casino game.

See the section on con artists on page 87 for more information. Gardeners also tend to have a healthy list of agricultural and botanical terms covering issues like climate, soil, fertilizers, seeds, and growing methods. Gardeners cite a variety of motivations that bring them outside in their free time to do what many people would call hard work. These include a desire to be outside and interact with nature, the gratification of bringing an edible plant to maturity, the relaxation that gardening brings, and the ability to beautify their immediate surroundings. For instance, one type of plant might fix nitrogen into the soil that another plant needs, or one may shelter another from the wind.

Yesterday, I planted both beans and corns on the rows next to each other. Heirloom plants are varieties cultivated prior to modern agricultural innovations and modern standardization of seed stock. They may be unusual in taste, texture, appearance, suitability to a particular region, or in other respects. Gardeners leggy: In reference to a whole plant or part of a plant, growing long and thin instead of thick and bushy. Talk the Talk Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, and Bisexual People The many people who fall into categories like gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered are hard to name as a group because that group is so diverse.

At least three features encourage slang to flourish and expand in the GLTB community. First, it encompasses a very large group of people. Second, many members of this community go out of their way to differentiate themselves from the average straight person. There are a variety of symbols for gays, lesbians, and the GLTB community in general, including the labrys two-bladed axe , the rainbow, the pink triangle, the double male symbol, the double female symbol, etc.

This is also the only subculture I know that can lay claim to an entire color lavender. Usually not derogatory. Talk the Talk beard: A person of the opposite sex who makes it appear that a lesbian or a gay man is straight. A beard may be a legal spouse or simply a friend who will come to parties or family gatherings. Used especially regarding gay men. See also baby butch. Just a mostly gay one six gays, one, ahem, breeder. Used especially regarding lesbians, but can also be applied to gay men, or in other situations. Not all lesbians fall into the categories of butch and femme.

Also, any experience or performance that lends itself to this kind of exaggeration, for instance, The Wizard of Oz. Cross-dressing may involve clothing, cosmetics, hairstyle, gestures, voice, and other characteristics. Talk the Talk Some people regarded as crossdressers by others may not consider themselves cross-dressers, identifying more with the gender they present than their anatomical gender.